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About us

The project aims to create training tools and a peer network for craftspeople in the areas of Digital Modelling and Digital / Additive Manufacturing.

The project will improve digital competences in the sector, develop product design and development skills, enhance the craft-making process, increase sectoral networking locally and internationally and increase customer engagement, with the purpose improving and developing individual craft businesses.

Craft 4.0 will result in three main outputs:

  • A training model which ensures transparency, transferability and clear learning outcomes
  • Training content which allows craftspeople to acquire a set of innovative technological skills
  • Guidelines and recommendations which provide an exemplar for potential exploitation in other sectors and levels of education

The project general aim is to improve digital skills of arts & crafts professionals through 3D printing in order to improve their market performance, customer engagement, marketing strategy, use of IT tools for the production processes, business possibility and sense of entrepreneurship.